Granite countertops in a kitchen.

Why is granite used for kitchen countertops and surfaces?

Granite is a popular material for countertops for a good reason. This luxurious,colorful stone is naturally resistant to all forms of damage, from scratches to extreme temperatures. Once installed, you can begin using your countertop immediately and may enjoy it for years without needing any significant maintenance. Finally, granite countertops add style and value to your house. Here are six features that make granite a ‘win’ in any home:

Heat Resistance. You can put a hot pan directly on the countertops without damaging or discoloring the surface.

Scratch Resistance. Granite is one of the toughest materials out there. You can even chop directly on the countertop, although many people prefer to use a cutting board to make cleanup easier.

Maintenance. This is a low maintenance option for countertops. Once it’s sealed to fill the tiny holes that naturally occur in the porous stone, the surface should be fine for at least a decade before needing to be resealed.

Hygiene. When properly sealed, granite will not absorb liquids. This puts it above materials like butcher’s block, which could foster bacteria if not properly maintained.

A Home Investment. Granite adds timeless glamor and a ‘wow factor’ to your kitchen. This beautifies the space and can add significant value to your home if you later choose to sell it.

Colors and Patterns. Granite comes in a wide range of natural shades and patterns, letting you coordinate with any decorating scheme from sleek minimalism to warm rustic palettes.