Easy, Efficient Clean Up

When to Repair & When to Replace Your Granite

Granite counters are a classy and durable stone. They hold up well for many kitchen applications but sometimes they do get damaged. Sometimes granite can be repaired but other times you may be better off replacing the counter.

When to Repair:

Is your granite in good condition but looks a little dull? Does it have a few light scratches on the surface? You have a couple of options here. For minor jobs, the counter may just need to be thoroughly cleaned and polished.

If polishing doesn’t do the trick, try the water drop test. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the stone and see what happens. If they absorb into the material in a few minutes, it’s definitely time to re-seal your granite. You can re-seal the stone yourself with a product designed for granite or hire a professional.

Do you have a few chips or medium-depth scratches? Resurfacing the stone can greatly improve their appearance. Look for an epoxy-based repair kit or get the pros involved with this project.

When to Replace

What if your granite counter has more serious condition issues? For instance, what if you buy a house with old countertops that weren’t properly cared for? You might be looking at granite that is heavily chipped, cracked, or discolored. Unfortunately, some damage runs too deeply to be repaired. In this case, you’re probably better off getting a new slab installed. The old countertop could be repurposed for use in a workroom or outside in the garden or on the patio.