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Granite counters are an elegant addition to your kitchen. You can keep them looking great by following a few tricks. Proper granite counter maintenance will guarantee your kitchen counter looks gorgeous for many years to come.

Applying A Sealer

Part of granite counter maintenance involves routine sealer applications. Penetrating sealer will absorb into the granite. Allow it to soak into the granite until almost dry. Apply more sealer to the surface and rub into the area gently with a soft cloth or sponge. Make sure to cover the entire granite surface with the sealer. Work the sealer into the surface in sections. Purchase penetrating sealer with oil repellent resistance to stop oil spills from seeping into the granite top.

Topical sealer will only coat the top surface of the granite. The sealer is made to protect the finish from spills and stains. Topical sealer can be removed or stripped from the top with a few hours of work. Permanent sealers shouldn’t be used on granite top counters. The sealer can’t be removed from the granite after application. Make sure you wipe the granite surface dry after any type of sealer application.

Do a water spill test after allowing the sealer application time to dry. You are checking your work to make sure it is properly sealed. Pour a small amount of water in several areas of the counter. Allow the water to sit for about 15-30 minutes. Wipe the counter dry to inspect the top for dark areas. Dark spots or streaks mean the granite isn’t properly sealed.

Cleaning A Granite Counter

Pie being put together on granite counterNever use any cleaners with abrasive formulas. Cleaners that contain acidic formulas should be avoided. Harsh chemicals can break down the sealant over time. Only use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning granite counter. Warm water with dish detergent should be sufficient to clean the counter effectively. Dry and polish the granite top with a soft textured cloth to avoid streaks. Always try to wipe up spills as quickly as possible.

Granite cleaning formulas are available for purchase online and in stores. You need to watch what type of cleaner is being used on the counter. Many cleaners have abrasives in the formula that scratch counter surfaces. These formulas can break down a topical sealer on the counter. Only use formulas manufactured to clean granite.

Other Granite Counter Maintenance

Limit what you set out on your granite counter for decorative purposes. Heavy objects can lead to scratches by dragging them across the surface. Avoid dropping kitchen utensils on your counter. Coasters and placemat settings are an excellent way to prevent spills on your kitchen counter. Following these helpful tips should ensure the granite finish remains beautiful for many years.