A woman is sitting at her kitchen table on her laptop.

Take The Guesswork From Countertop Planning With the QuickQuote Visualizer

Your budget is one of the most important concerns for a kitchen and bathroom renovation. However, sticking to it can be tricky. In addition to the cost of time and labor, you need to figure out the price of the counters themselves. This is where our QuickQuote Visualizer can take the guesswork out of the equation.  Simply put in a few details in and our program will do the rest for you.


What Does the QuickQuote Visualizer Do?

The QuickQuote Visualizer is an easy-to-use, interactive program that lets you plan out your future countertop. Put in a few numbers, indicate the style and material of the countertop you want, and we’ll get a quote back to you.


How Do You Use The QuickQuote Visualizer?

Get a quote in seven easy steps:

  1. Drop by the QuickQuote Visualizer.
  2. Enter how many square feet of stone you need for your countertop. If you aren’t sure, there are several premade templates to give you an estimate.
  3. Next, choose which room the countertop will go on. We have a wide variety of options including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patios, and more.
  4. Now you choose what style of edging you’d prefer, both around the outside edge of the countertop and around any sinks.
  5. Decide if the space will have an undermount or overmount sink. If this is for a kitchen, you can also indicate that there’s a cookstove integrated with the countertop.
  6. Finally, the fun part: You get to browse through our selection of stone countertop materials and colors. We have everything from granite to travertine, marble and more. If you want to search by color, our Visualizer has a drop-down menu that organizes stone by shade.  Note: not every material is a good match for every application.
  7. To get your price quote, enter your name and contact details and we’ll get back to you.