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Do Quartz Counters Need Sealing?

Quartz is a popular alternative to stone like marble and tile, and for many homeowners, it’s an ideal aesthetic choice. However, most homeowners don’t really know how to care for quartz properly once they have it installed.

Some types of natural stone like marble and granite have tiny pores that can absorb liquids and stain them. In some cases, stains can go away naturally, as is often the case with a little bit of water that dries on a sealed countertop. Other stains, like wine or soda, can damage your counters badly if they’re made of a porous material.

Quartz CountertopWhen you choose quartz, you don’t have to think about having your counters sealed every few years like you might with granite or marble. You also don’t have to worry about wine stains and other liquids or foods damaging your counters if they’re cleaned relatively quickly. That’s not always the case with marble and granite, even if you get to a spill pretty fast. When you choose quartz, all you really need to do is take care of your counters on a day to day basis to keep them looking their absolute best.

Unlike marble and granite, quartz is very hard to damage. Many homeowners wonder if they’ll have to deal with chips and damage after having their counters for a few years. While you certainly can damage quartz, you’d have to do it intentionally or drop something very heavy on your quartz counters. Quartz is also less likely to mark when you place hot or cold items on you counters.