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Pros & Cons of Caesarstone

What is Caesarstone?

Some of my clients are looking for a countertop that will last a lifetime. They need something durable that won’t require a great deal of care. For these folks, I recommend Caesarstone.

Granted you will pay a little more. Caesarstone runs higher in pricing in comparison other stone. In 2017, on average, it cost somewhere between $20-$25 per square foot.

But you won’t ever have to replace it. Considering the cost of purchasing many slabs of stone. It comes to less cost over time.

Here are some other things I like and dislike about Caesarstone. I might be a little biased because the stone is such a dream to work with. But we have some gorgeous, lasting results.

Perhaps with my insight, you can decide if Caesarstone is right for you.

What I like…

Caesarstone is a dense manmade stone. It resists chips, scratches, and stains. It’s superb for a busy family that has little time for care.

Unlike granite countertops, Caesarstone doesn’t need yearly sealing. Most spills and stains wipe right off. Use soap and water or a soft sponge. That’s it!

The versatile stone is outstanding for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Caesarstone is colorful. You can’t imagine a style we won’t find. It comes in a wide variety of shades and patterns. Some counters look like natural stone like marble or granite. Others brighten a kitchen with vivid colors.

A fabricator’s dream! Sturdy, but easy to work with. This material can be cut into different sizes and shapes. Go as custom as your imagination takes you with this resilient stone.

What I’m not into…

Caesarstone is scratch and chip resistant, but it can still be damaged. Dropping a pot can chip hard edges and sharp corners. I recommend rounded edges. These are more resistant to this kind of damage.

Honed finishes are more easily damaged than polished finishes. It may scratch if you scrape food off with a metal knife.

Caesarstone tends to be heavier than granite. Make sure your countertop frame is strong enough to support it.

In rare cases, this stone may have manufacturing defects. These include pitting or strange looking veins of color. Other times, there are colors splashed in that weren’t asked for. Always inspect the countertop before having it installed.

Should You Pick Caesarstone?

Moreland Fog Caesarstone

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This material is a good investment for homes that need a durable, attractive option. If your kitchen gets a lot of use, consider it.

Have several types of stone you are comparing? I’m happy to help you pick. Talk soon!


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