Granite Marble or Quartz?

You decided it’s time to replace your kitchen countertops. You’ve seen plenty of pictures of other gorgeous houses highlighted in Memphis by now that your creative juices are flowing. Sure, you’ve taken color scheme, design, and layout in mind. But have you actually thought about what material is right for you?

Rather than picking a slab based on color, better to decide on material, then pick your specific stone based on availability. We have taken the 3 most popular, quartz, granite, marble; and created this infographic. We want to give you an idea of what to look for when considering a new countertop or an entire kitchen remodel.

We still love granite the best for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are quite durable, are stain- and heat-resistant, and come in almost every color and variety you can think of. The one drawback of granite is that it must be sealed every year.

Quartz and marble don’t have to be resealed, but have other drawbacks. Like less durability and shorter lifespan in marble. However, no other stone practically glows like marble does. Quartz is one of the lowest maintenance solutions, quite durable but doesn’t perform well in direct sunlight.

Whatever space you are trying to create beauty in, one of these stones is likely to fit the bill. Looking for something unconventional or a greener option? Visit our showroom for even more ideas.

Which Countertop Stone Is Right For You?

You can download the full-size pdf version of the infographic here.