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How Do You Repair A Chip In Granite Counter Top?

Granite counter tops are a beautiful feature in any home. They offer the perfect balance of both style and function and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. However, because granite is a natural stone, it’s possible that chips or cracks can form. These often come from an impact or water damage.  The good news is that these minor issues are easily fixed. You might even be able to DIY it!

DIY granite chip repair

If the chip or crack in your granite counter top is very small, you may be able to repair it yourself. Go to a home supply store and look for an epoxy kit designed specifically for granite. You’ll need to follow the instructions carefully.  Generally speaking, you’ll start by cleaning the area with an appropriate cleanser. Blend the color packet into the epoxy until you get a match to your counter top. Apply the mix a little at a time until the damage is covered.

If you’re not comfortable with using the kit yourself, or you want to be sure you’re getting a seamless repair, you can contact a local stone and counter top company to handle the problem for you.

When to call in a professional

Epoxy kits work well, but only for very small chips and cracks. They also need to be used correctly or you run the risk of water leaking under the repair and causing more damage over time. If you have a bigger crack or a chunk of granite missing, it’s time to call a professional service like Architectural Stone Works to assess the situation. We are one of the Mid-south’s leading sources of natural stone counter tops.  Our expert craftsmen have many years of experience with granite installation and repair. Contact us and we’ll give an estimate for the job.