Bright Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchens are a popular style that make use of smaller spaces. Here, two rows of counters run along the walls while the floor space in between stays open. This room can be a cooking powerhouse if you know the right ways to work with the room’s size and floor plan. Here are some tips and tricks for working with the space:

Maximize the Flow of Cooking

There’s a natural rhythm to preparing meals. You pull food from the refrigerator, prepare it on a countertop, cook the meal, and then wash the dishes. When designing the kitchen, make sure you aren’t doubling back unnecessarily. One ideal layout runs like clockwork in this order: refrigerator, counter space, range, sink, counter.

Opening Up the Room

This tip involves using design elements and decorators’ visual tricks to make the room seem bigger. For instance, don’t install doors that open into the kitchen. That can make the space feel cramped. If possible, have a pass-through to the next room to open up room. Keep the kitchen looking wide and airy by using lighter colors. Windows brighten the room and make it feel bigger, while stainless steel fixtures and mirrors make the space look larger.

Choose the Right Furnishings

Want to dramatically increase your storage and counter space? Consider having custom pieces built. These may be narrower than standard, but will open up floor space while giving you working surfaces and storage options.

Next, think of ways that your cabinets can pull double duty. For instance, you can convert the shelf ends into bookshelves. This gives you a place to store cookbooks or less-used gadgets.

Finally, make sure your furnishings are the right fit. This galley kitchen may not be the right space for an oversized double refrigerator. You can also find apartment sized stoves which are smaller than standard.