A kitchen is shown in the midst of being remodeled; the sink faucet hasn't been installed yet and neither has the backsplash.

4 Signs You Need A New Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen may be a either small weekend project or a big, involved makeover. As one of the most used rooms in the home, you want a space that is attractive, comfortable, and functional. Here are four signs that you need a new or updated kitchen:

Sign 1: Your kitchen feels cramped.

Do you keep bumping into family members when you’re preparing meals? Have you filled your few available storage spaces and now your counters are cluttered up? Don’t live like this. A cramped kitchen can be fixed with added storage opportunities and repositioned appliances. Remember that hanging pots and cups from rows of hooks can be a real space saver.

Sign 2: Your kitchen is badly laid out.

Do you find yourself having to go to the opposite end of the room while preparing meals? This is a sign that your kitchen layout could use some work. You want a logical, smooth flow from prepping dinner to cleaning up. Break out the pen and paper and create a blueprint of your ideal kitchen layout. Professional kitchens have the refrigerator, stove, and countertops within a few easy steps of each other.

Sign 3: Your kitchen is outdated.

Was your kitchen painted a once-trendy vivid orange, and now that color is dated and hurts your eyes? Are your appliances old and energy-inefficient? Does your countertop look battered after years of use? It may be time to refresh the space with classic pieces and design schemes. New, energy-efficient appliances can save both the environment and your bank account. Finally, consider replacing a tired old countertop with timeless, lasting stone.

Sign 4: You’re getting ready to sell your home.

The kitchen can help make or break the home sale. If yours is already in good shape, you may want to swap out some of the hardware or add a new coat of paint. On the other hand, you may need to invest in updated lighting, new appliances, or a different countertop.