A lovely, well-lit, example of good kitchen design is pictured here.

Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Whether you’re planning your new dream kitchen or renovating an old one, you want to make sure you settle on the right design. Since the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms, design mistakes are especially annoying over time. Here’s where Architectural Stone Works’ on-staff designer comes in.  She can look over the kitchen plan and help you avoid these four common kitchen design errors:

1. Too Much Open Shelving

Open shelving is the ultimate in convenience. However, open shelving also does little to protect items and keep them clean. It’s best to plan a kitchen that has a mix of open and closed shelving. That way, you can keep cups, dishes, and utensils out of sight.

2. A Cluttered Floor Plan

Nothing causes conflict in a family like having to walk around each other or fight for floor space in the kitchen. When planning the area, think about how people will enter and move around the room. Our designer can help you estimate how much free floor space is needed.

3. An Inefficient Kitchen Flow

There’s a certain rhythm to preparing meals and cleaning up afterward. Food is taken from the refrigerator to a prep surface and then the stove. Later on, dirty dishes go to the dishwasher. Check your kitchen floor plan to make sure major features like the sink and stove are laid out logically. Don’t run a marathon prepping each meal!

4. Not Enough Outlets

This is one small planning error that can create a big annoyance down the line. Some minor appliances like the blender can be run off a power strip, but do too many of these and you create a fire hazard. Meanwhile, each bigger appliance needs its own outlet.  Remember: it’s easier to run power lines while building a kitchen than to add them later on.