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Can You Put Hot Pots & Pans On Quartz Counters?

When it comes to choosing the right countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, nothing beats the versatility and elegance of quartz. This engineered stone is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Famously versatile and elegant, quartz offers a number of advantages for homeowners and home cooks. But how durable is it? Can […]

Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels can be one of the most exciting times in your home’s history. However, in the midst of installing stylish appliances and looking at paint swatches, don’t forget to come up with a remodel game plan. After all, the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Not having access to a […]

Kitchen Remodel Budget Breakdown

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but have no idea how your budget will break down? You aren’t alone. However, building with a firm idea of the numbers involved will keep you on-budget and your renovation on track. Here’s what the average kitchen budget covers: Cabinetry & Hardware 29% Installation 17% Appliances & Ventilation 14% […]

Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchens are a popular style that make use of smaller spaces. Here, two rows of counters run along the walls while the floor space in between stays open. This room can be a cooking powerhouse if you know the right ways to work with the room’s size and floor plan. Here are some tips […]

Secrets to Staying on Budget While Remodeling

Remodeling your house is an exciting project. It can also be tricky to stay on budget. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are a few tips to keep focused on your budget while creating your dream home. Tip 1: Work With What You Have Before stripping things out, take a beat to look at the space with new […]

How Do You Repair A Chip In Granite Counter Top?

Granite counter tops are a beautiful feature in any home. They offer the perfect balance of both style and function and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. However, because granite is a natural stone, it’s possible that chips or cracks can form. These often come from an impact or water damage.  The […]

Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Whether you’re planning your new dream kitchen or renovating an old one, you want to make sure you settle on the right design. Since the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms, design mistakes are especially annoying over time. Here’s where Architectural Stone Works’ on-staff designer comes in.  She can look over the kitchen plan […]