Granite countertops in a kitchen.

5 Facts About Kitchen Remodeling For Folks Trying to Sell Their Homes

The bookstores and internet alike are full of articles and books and blogs discussing the facts of kitchen remodeling. People love a remodeled kitchen. This is an absolute fact. We love the before and after pictures of a beautifully remodeled kitchen, and looking at the work that goes into it. When people are remodeling on their own, they may not love the process that much, but they like stepping back and looking at the completed job (and others may enjoy reading about the mistakes they could avoid).

Some folks remodel their homes for themselves—for their dream kitchen—and others do it for resale value. Apart from maintenance type stuff that people don’t want to think about, such as the roof, siding, windows, bathroom and kitchen remodels can offer owners the most return on their investment. On average, a successful remodel can offer a substantial return on investment, as much as 93%, according to Remodeling Magazine. This doesn’t mean, though, that every decision you make will automatically bring you a big return. For folks planning renovations before selling there are home, there are are facts about kitchen remodeling you have to know.

A gorgeous kitchen with expansive granite counters.

#1: You Have to Stop Thinking About What You Like

Unless you are secretly trying to just fall back in love with your house, this isn’t the time to design the kitchen of your dreams. If your remodel is too personalized to your tastes, it becomes very easy to 1) spend too much money or 2) alienate potential buyers. You might want to pick really unique appliances or fixtures because you like them, but to others,  might need to be the thing they’d want to change immediately.

#2: Mid-Range Upgrades Are Great Upgrades

If possible, avoid complete remodels. Demolitions can be so expensive. One of the secret facts about kitchen remodeling for resale value is where to keep your budget. You want to keep it between 6-10% of the sale price or home value to get the best return.

Mid-range “face lift” type projects tend to go well, like new counters or cabinets, and upgrading appliances. Avoid being too cheap, as well! Buyers notice cheap appliances, paint jobs, counters, and other materials, and will add those things to their “cons” list.

#3: Replace Things That Have Your “Mark” On Them

Here we are talking about actual marks. Have you stained your counters? Do you have an outdated pattern to your backsplash or wallpaper or a paint color that used to be trendy? Go ahead and replace them if you can. Did you burn a countertop, or chip something? Replace things that have been damaged, if you can’t get them back to sparkling with a good clean.

#4: Consider An “Open Space” Renovation Carefully

A white marble island creates an elegant kitchen.

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not you should open up the space because open floor plans are really popular right now. A lot of people want that to openness to extend to the kitchen, especially for entertaining or keeping an eye on everything else going on in the house.

J. Bryan Lowder, from the online magazine Slate, though, has a really compelling, and very opinionated, take on the open kitchen, though. His article against an open-concept kitchen is worth a read, especially if you’re torn about what to do. If you have the budget, and a very small kitchen that could really benefit by a removed wall or two, then consider it. But if you don’t, think back to Lowder at Slate.

Fact #5: Everyone Likes To See Granite In The Kitchen.

This is maybe a given, but granite counters can go a long way. Very few people would walk into a kitchen, see sparkling, beautiful granite countertops and wish for something different. Unless your kitchen already uses an even higher-end material, do use your budget wisely for granite counters, or counters with a granite pattern.

Are there any facts about kitchen remodeling you think we might have missed, or are wondering about? Leave us a comment.