Hanging Storage

10 Remodel & Storage Hacks for a Small Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen?  Are you looking to maximize your storage and workspace? No matter what size of room you have to work with, you can get the most out of your space with just a few easy storage and remodeling tricks. Here are our top ten tips:

1.  Use Light Colors

Light colors open and brighten a room, making the space look bigger.  However, stay away from flat whites which can look institutional. Creams and subtle pastels may work well here.

2. Use Bright Colors

A bright pop of color on the far wall draws the eye forward, creating visual depth.  Try to choose colors that harmonize with the floor and cabinetry.

3.  Change Your Appliances and Furniture

You can create more space by swapping out oversized features like double sinks or big dining tables for smaller and more stylish options.

4. Find Creative Storage Spaces

Some ideas: install small racks inside cabinet doors, screw mug hooks underneath upper cabinets, and attach baskets to cabinets’ sides.

5. Change the Layout

One thing that makes kitchens feel small is not having enough workspace.  Remodel the layout of your cabinets or island and you may open up more prep area.

6. Stick to the Essential Items

Things you use every day, like the coffee maker, deserve space on the counters.  That impulse buy kitchen doo-dad? Not so much. Store it out of sight.

7. Get Custom Countertops

Your kitchen may be well served with counters that snake around corners or are slightly narrower than standard.  A custom design can work wonders here to open up space.

8. Use Vertical Storage Space

This tip is especially handy if you have tall ceilings and limited floor space.  Consider hanging overhead racks to store pots and pans so they don’t take up shelves.

9.  Embrace Open Design

If you’re remodeling, why not take out a wall?  Open or semi-open floor plans can enlarge a space.

10. Seasonal Storage

Only use your turkey-sized roasting pan once a year?  Store it in the garage for the other 51 weeks.